Indulging heart matters is a Nigerian relationship blog primarily for singles preparing and warming their way into the institution of marriage and at the same time aspiring to have the best of their single days. This blog seeks to discuss, answer unspoken and mind disturbing questions about dating, friendship and marriage. The aim is to generate topics and stories bothering present day relationships and seek possible solutions through research, interviews and other personal engagements. One major focus is to guide and nurture minds prepare for and go through relationships with as less troubles as possible, at the same time celebrating love, friendship and marriage. This blog promises to be filled with stories, laughter and adequate information that would prepare every single for a loving and blissful relationship and marriage.

NOTA BENE: The blogger is not an expert on this subject, but is very passionate about it. The objective as earlier mentioned is to study much about relevant topics, conduct adequate research, engage experts in the field and put together the total of its extensive research and blogger’s opinion for its readers.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.