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Indulging Heart Matters

I am a romantic, love and relationship enthusiast. I believe love has been misconstrued in many ways and I want to give love back its real meaning. I also believe in the institution of marriage and I want to have a long lasting and fulfilling marriage; hence I want to learn by engaging with others all I can about love, relationships and marriages. The more I learn, the more I write them down here for us to discuss. So that's why I blog here.

Stuck in a Moment – The End

Stuck in a Moment

I must have been here for about 45 minutes, knees down face to the ground. Then suddenly I felt someone come into the room, it was a security guard. He was about lifting me up but was suddenly interrupted...

Stuck in a Moment 2

Stuck in a Moment

Surely Abdul was mistaking me for someone else, but Baba will definitely fish me out, arrest and probably torture me for impersonation. For he was very security conscious.  But, how could Abdul not recognize his own best man? Shouldn’t...

Why not half a man?

Photo credit - Draweption.

Wonders shall never cease to amaze me. My friend Ruby hurriedly rushed in to see me, she had this angry look but the type you express with a smile or more like laughter because you are too angry to...

Stuck in a Moment

Stuck in a Moment

They say it’s always better to learn from people’s experience. I never really understood what that meant. I found out the hard way that we were supposed to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and imagine the pressure that...