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Hi everyone,

I have missed you all; like literally missed reading your comments and checking my stats from time to time. I have not published in a while and I really and sincerely apologize for that. But of course, it wasn’t for no reason at all. As you guys can see I have upgraded the site and I am so thrilled to be back to give you more of our discussions and stories. Like I always say, I will do anything in my power to serve you better and I have just taken one step in the right direction.

Let me also use this opportunity to thank those who made this site possible, all the back and forth we went through, I wouldn’t have ever been able to do it alone. To those who also checked on me, you guys made me feel special and wanted. Especially those who asked if I had gone on strike, it was so hilarious. But why would I want to go on strike from what I love doing, it’s never gonna happen that way.

Anyways, I promise never to abandon you all again. I also appreciate those who take out time to ensure I am always at the top of my game, those who send feedback from time to time and those who also send me stories or questions they like to see featured on the blog, you guys make it worth it and I love you too.

In the meantime, while I try my best to do what I love doing here, please feel free to send me feedback on the new site and how I can make it better for you. Also don’t forget to send in your stories or ask those questions you always do. Just keep coming back for more and more at

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I am a romantic, love and relationship enthusiast. I believe love has been misconstrued in many ways and I want to give love back its real meaning. I also believe in the institution of marriage and I want to have a long lasting and fulfilling marriage; hence I want to learn by engaging with others all I can about love, relationships and marriages. The more I learn, the more I write them down here for us to discuss. So that's why I blog here.

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