Dear LXG’s, Our dream proposal.

Dear LXG’s,

First, let me give kudos to the guys who make it a point of duty to give their ladies nothing but the best type of proposal, what we call a dream proposal. The ones that even fellow niggaz would be envious of and the ones girls would dream they had. Once again, we salute you for the effort. It actually seems a lot of guys are beginning to step up their game tho.

Now, to those who don’t know what a dream proposal is, or those who don’t put in any effort at all, let me enlighten you. A proposal is an offering from a man to his lady stating his intentions to be with her and commit to her thereby asking for her to be his wife for the rest of his life. More so, a dream proposal is a proposal in actual sense only that it is tailored to the desires and peculiarities of the lady in question.

Remember, we ladies build castles in the air all of the time, one of the things we dream of, is how we want our proposal to be, our wedding gowns, love and what have you. So it is quite imperative that our man tries to steal a glimpse of how we want our proposal to go. Don’t just stand there and say ‘marry me’, like I said in the old school kind of guys., those days are over.

As I was saying, for you to want to propose, it means she means a lot to you. Therefore, the way you propose to her, that is, the effort and plan you put in it should show exactly how you feel towards her and more (I hope you get the drift). Therefore you need to pay attention to details and do it in a way she would really appreciate (I think you should go for the wow effect tho).

Below are dos and don’ts you should consider:


  • Try to get her a ring she would really really like, and if you are not sure, you can get her something in the meantime and be sure you guys can always exchange at the store where you got it.
  • Know what you intend to say, if possible do a rehearsal. Most of you just forget and go blabbing.
  • Make it very intimate and meaningful, it’s a special moment for both of you, don’t let anyone ruin it.
  • Try as much as possible to make it a surprise even if you guys have discussed marriage. It adds to the wow effect.
  • Please, get down on one knee, if possible two (lol). Nothing else is acceptable.
  • Be creative with where, when and how. Try to know if her preference would be to go public or private.
  • For the love of God, please have a backup plan in case something goes wrong, you don’t want to freak out if your initial plan doesn’t work out.


  • Please don’t propose in someone else’s space or function, like another’s wedding, bridal shower, birthday party etc. Except the person is in full support of the idea. It’s considered rude to steal another person’s shine cos of yours.
  • Please, don’t propose without a ring. Except the situation calls for it.
  • Don’t be scared. We know it’s a life time decision, just brace up to it.

Some proposal ideas would be to:

  • have a nice candlelight dinner.
  • propose where you guys first met.
  • take her dancing or go for a karaoke and propose while at it.
  • have a weekend getaway/destination proposal.
  • propose to her at new year’s eve.
  • organize a surprise party.
  • propose to her at her favorite spot, etc.

Enough said, just bear in mind that you want to tailor the proposal to her desired fantasy. Nobody is saying spend too much money, because the plan she has might be for Dangote himself to fulfill. The most important thing tho is to make it memorable and exceptional for her, just give her the wow effect and make her friends jealous (yes, I said so).



Thanks guys for reading, and as always I welcome your comments. I expect feedback from the guys and ladies please fill them in on more stuff they need to consider.

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Excellent advice!!


Roger that!

“… we ladies build castles in the air…” true this. Are we are meant to storm through the enchanted forest of your minds and discover what is hidden in the penthouse suite of the air castle.

With God nothing can be impossible!!!

Let’s try Bros!!!