I’m gonna send roses to myself.

So this valentine’s day has got everyone thinking and asking ‘so what you up to for val?’ What are you gonna get for bae? Are you having dinner after work? What’s your plan for the day? And each time anybody asks, I’m like I would just show some more love, go to work and eat chocolates and cake that comes for anyone. Isn’t it what the day is about anyway? Loving and sharing.

But on another side of things, valentine’s day tends to put a lot of pressure on everyone; from finding the perfect gifts to the nicest restaurant but in the end its always worth it. It also appears that those in relationships have the better day, while the single just say ‘yet another valentine’s day without any bae. You totally get that feeling when delivery comes in for everyone but you. I can’t help but laugh.

Let’s try to ignore the fact that valentine’s day should be for everyone and not only for couples, but I beg to differ this year, who says it can’t be about you anyway. Who says the fun is for the couples alone?

So for valentine’s day this year, I’m gonna send roses to myself. How does that sound? Lame right? If the day is about showing and celebrating love, what better way can I show and celebrate my own self-love. Isn’t that what we preach?

A day to remind myself of me because I love myself twice as much as anyone will ever love me, and I deserve to feel special too, so why can’t I spoil myself also.

So I’m gonna send roses to myself, buy me a bottle of rubis and my favorite ferroche chocolates and order my favorite dessert cake, take a warm shower, play my favorite music and indulge myself to the pleasures of life because I’m in love with me, and I need to remember to pamper myself as much as I would pamper another  and to learn to accept and appreciate myself, my strengths and weaknesses just as much as the other person would.

So to you over there, sitting in your little corner because you have no valentine, to you whose heart has just being broken, to you whose partner is a million miles away, to you whose partner doesn’t believe in celebrating valentine and to you even in an almost perfect relationship, don’t forget to celebrate yourself after all because you deserve it as much as any other person would.

See what I wrote –  The golden rule of love: love yourself first.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers. I love you very much.

So guys, am asking you the question, what’s happening for vals this year? I want to know your plans.

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Hehehehehe… We love you too. I’m going to take a cue from your plans and do something interesting for myself…
And probably extend some love to some one feeling unloved…


I love this!!! But I could use some support in this recession .. Lol