Send your story

My love story is a column that shares other people’s love stories for our readers consumption. This is for readers to enjoy and to believe that love truly exists despite the odds.  Feel free to indulge us by sending your story, we are here to celebrate you and your story might just serve as a source of inspiration to someone else. 

Heart matters is another column designated for discussing relationship issues, challenges and concerns that you might be going through. Indulge us by sending your story and see how our community will offer candid advice. Just know you are not alone and there is always a listening ear here for you.

Join our community and lets make the world a better place.



  • Stories should be written in English language and occasional use of other languages to drive home a point or for humor purposes.
  • It should be sent in Ms-word or PDF format.
  • Stories should be direct, concise and clearly articulated.
  • Images can be inserted along with the story.
  • Stories should not contain vulgar words and sex related scenes should be toned down.
  • Writers do not have to disclose their real names as 3rd person point of view and fake names can be used.
  • Stories should be meaningful and appropriate for the reasons mentioned above.


  • Submissions can be made directly to Indulging Heart Matters via email @ Subject should be either “MY LOVE STORY” or ”HEARTMATTERS”.  Title for the story should also be included.
  • Stories sent will be published at the blogger’s discretion and immediate convenience.