The Old school kind of guys.


Dear LXGs,

A lot of us ladies have been fortunate or unfortunate to meet these kind of guys at some point or the other. They are the really old school guys, the kind of guys we try to avoid. They are –

  • the guys you meet today and they say they want to marry you tomorrow.
  • those who don’t believe in going to the movies.
  • the men who wants you to wash, cook and clean all day everyday.
  • those who don’t believe in eating out.
  • the very unromantic ones.
  • the ones who don’t believe a man should apologize for anything at all.
  • the type who won’t plan a proposal for you, they would just say ‘lets get married’.
  • the so called ‘boyfriends’ who will date you for years and won’t put a ring on it.
  • the men who don’t believe in ice creams, chocolates and candle light dinners.
  • the guys who also don’t believe in travels and weekend get aways.
  • the ones who says she shouldn’t have male friends.
  • the men who wants her for a housewife when he eventually marries her.
  • the boyfriend who won’t allow her wear make up or have her hair or nails done.
  • the type who thinks two hours and nothing more is more than enough to spend with her friends.
  • the unromantic boyfriend who does not believe in foreplay, they just get down to business.
  • the guys who don’t think she deserves new things or gifts from time to time.
  • the boyfriends who don’t remember special days like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • the guys who still wear coat instead of suit.

Now, we in the ladies club (League of Xtraordinary Ladies) have signed a deal that we no longer want your kind. We need you guys to step up your game, else you won’t have any girl to date or even marry (hehe, is it even possible?). Truth is, the world has changed, we are also aware that you have heard that word ‘change’ this year more than in any other year, therefore you need to change. There are so ┬ámany ways to get us, but we are so sorry to let you know that the old ways won’t work anymore. We have stepped up our game, its high time you did yours.



Thanks guys for reading, please feel free to add other old school things or ways you have heard or experienced.

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Ike Akumabor

“At the age of 25, you cannot cook, sweep, wash clothes and you want men to love you for who you are…
SISTER, please who are you?”

Don’ get me wrong I’m totally against the Old School Guy but I’m also hoping that our “LXL” equally take note of certain alarming traits that we guys are witnessing on a regular basis these days.
This CHANGE should affect all the sexes positively o!

Proud LXL

I believe the LXLs are not implying that they cannot cook, but that guys should not see ladies as slaves! It won’t hurt to help out or appreciate her for doing so.


Dear LXL,
We are bored of ladies that only receive and demand but never give. It’s a relationship not parasitism

We are not always in the mood for cinemas and coldstone, sometimes Amala joint or any other very local spots.

We are sometimes jealous too…stop telling us about your crush on that celebrity

(Unfortunately we never have a long list) #Okbye


Ragna Lothbrok

Lol…well said Olatee, all dese ladies too complain self, see amazing and very sterling traits dat wer listed about dose old school niggaz, depicts nothing but great sense of conservativeness and discipline,what would have resulted in very robust account balances as gains i suppose, little wonder why d old school babes turned Mamas wernt complaining …b like say dose old school guys head day der pass, guys abeg don’t dull, Be an old school nigga….But THEN evry Bae deserves an amazing foreplay (which way old school niggaz?)……loool


Lol well said I think relationships should be about give and take. I know some guys could be extremely over bearing in regards to chores and wifey duties but the new age we find ourselves with technologies help with house chores, if u want to wife to wash cook and clean get her the basic assistant she need like a washing machine, vacuum cleaner and so on. Some ladies just like to act like leeches. No man wants that either old school or new school. So up ur game ladies be an asset not a liability.
Xoxo LXL


Women will not kill us in Nigeria and Africa. I guess the list is endless, and i am sure when a woman has all these dos and don’ts a man must obey, what happens if he forgets one and another man outside happens to remember that, i hope it doesnt lead to cheating on husbands? just my opinion o, and question


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