Understanding Homosexuality

I never used to wrap my head around the idea behind the LGBT movement. Truth is, I still don’t. What I don’t understand is how someone says they are attracted to the same sex, not only that, they also say they are born that way. In the creation story, what I remember reading is the story of Adam and Eve and how God took the rib from Adam to create Eve, and He later said male and female will leave their parents and two will become one.

A funny truth I found out is that it is still very unclear to some of these folks. Just the way I don’t understand it, I hear some of them too don’t understand it and can’t come to terms with it. I heard this story of how a young boy about 15 to 20 years ago, back then was in JSS 3, discovered he was attracted to the same sex. He never said a word about it because he thought it was abnormal, and he never even knew it was possible to even be attracted to the same sex. However, he battled this alone for years. He tried to date a few girls but he still wasn’t genuinely excited or attracted to any of them. Rather, he would see a guy and start developing feelings towards him. This guy turned on to God for help, became a ‘Christian brother’ like it’s fondly called, went for a number of deliverance, fought himself very hard not to accept what he thought he was. This happened for a very long time until he decided to confide in a friend. Well, this was how the story was told to me and I would like to believe the person who related the story to me told me nothing but the truth.

I found this so sad and touching at the same time even though most of us are quick to judge this kind of people. All I could see here, was a guy who couldn’t accept his being and worse still can’t understand why he is the way he is. He is a fellow brother in church fighting his own race to love God and love himself too, but not in the form he is. What he wants is to love and accept the person he ought to be or better still the person the society wants him to be – a guy who would fall in love with a girl. Day in and out, he’s fighting a race with no answers, one of rejection and hatred for his type.

The most disturbing thing is that we can’t exactly place where this is from. Some say they were created like that, science says hormones, and others say it’s the devil’s hand work. I think maybe when we can state the underlying cause of this, we can finally understand it or find a way to deal with it. Truth is, we hate what we don’t understand and most importantly we hate what we can’t change. We can’t figure out how someone just says they are attracted to the same sex and for that we hate the very thought of it. The only defense we truly have here is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, buts let’s take a few steps back and try to find out why those ones too where like that. How did they become that way? What caused it? What we know for sure is the outcome of how Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed.

What we know for a fact is, God frowns at it. The commandments written in our hearts clearly does not agree with it. Ethically and morally it is not even acceptable. Traditionally in Nigeria and some other countries, it is still intolerable. However, the ones I am concerned about are those who shove it down our throat and go all the way out publicizing the movement and claiming it’s alright with them. They too know for a fact that when they go in their private spaces, they ponder about it, they ask themselves from time to time if what they are doing is right and if they have made the right decision to come out and let the world think it’s okay.

As someone rightly said, homosexuality is born out of a perverse generation. As with all things in life, you have a right to choose, to be good or bad, do right or wrong. The problem with most of us is that we think because we have freewill we can do whatever we like without bearing the consequences. We all have the tendency to execute evil desires and deciding to be homosexual as with all other evils is as a result of choice, lack of discipline, self-control and selfishness and in itself is immoral and unnatural.

For those who claim that they are born that way, I truly sympathize with you even while you are finding it hard to accept it, those who have gone into depression because of it, those who have committed suicide because they hate themselves because of it. I only wish I had a better advise to give, all I know is I would stop judging because of your kind, I would pray for you, I wish you take daily the act of self-discipline and perseverance, and one day you would be able to overcome it.

And for those who claim it’s the best thing that happened to them, please for the sake of this generation and the next, our born and unborn children, it is not okay to make them think it’s acceptable and natural.

These are my thoughts, what are yours? Do you understand why they are like this or the cause of it? Is there really a way out? Can therapy really work? What stories do you have to share? What hope is left? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

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We probably will never know who the first man to perceive this act was and what motivated his thoughts. However We do know that it started a very long time ago. It was even probably more predominant in the medieval Age. Regardless of our religious beliefs, we all agree with laws of nature. And we agree that nature is all perfect when looked at from the perspective of “Balance”. My personal opinion is that homosexuality is unnatural. This is because it works against reproduction and the continuity of the human race. The primary motive of the laws of nature. And… Read more »
Wow! This is a very big topic… I will like to say that the actual problem with Homosexuality is that people especially Homosexuals don’t even understand what it means or what they subscribe to. First question will be, what is homosexuality? Is it having affection for the same sex? If yes, Jesus loves man and woman, even in His time on earth He did. So, it’s not this… Is it having sex with the opposite sex? Premarital sex is a sin… Also, the Catholic Church teaches against other forms of sexual indulgences which isn’t the norm. Obviously, Man to man… Read more »

Well said. I don’t understand it myself, but just like you, would keep praying for them

You honestly couldn’t have said it any better… It beats me, but a part of me honestly feels for them… I don’t think people are born that way but then it’s just what I think… I feel it has a lot to do with psychology and reasoning but then the details really beat me mehn… I can’t seem to wrap my head around any logical explanation… But then from the biblical point of view… the idea is to hate the sin, not the person. Hopefully if we can somewhat achieve this, we’ll prolly be able to associate with them enough… Read more »