Why is it considered acceptable for men to cheat?


Yes! they say it is a man’s world, but by who if I may ask? But then lets assume society standards and the culture we find ourselves in. Does that however make it right for men to live the way they choose too, exercising certain rights which can be either good or bad, and of which the bad ones they get away with? Cheating has become a number one deal breaker in relationships today, and to talk about it in details would not do it justice. However, what I cannot wrap my head around is why it’s almost considered acceptable for men to cheat, who gave them the right to? Not to say women don’t cheat too, but at least its almost unheard of.

Let me begin by clarifying that I know not all men cheat, before the good and self disciplined men start criticizing me for generalizing, I really give you guys some credit. But I have never seen or heard where a man cheats and a fellow man would scold him for it, rather what follows is a song of praise for his well performed act (correct me if I am wrong); neither have I seen where a man cheats and the media or society frowns at it, but when a woman attempts to or is rumored to have cheated without facts, the media and the general public goes berserk, saying all sorts of things like its not the same blood that flows between both man and woman (not that its okay for a woman to cheat tho).

More so, the psychological effect  cheating has on women cannot be overemphasized. A lot of ladies are in unhappy relationships because of their cheating partner. The most annoying is that when a man cheats on his partner, every sympathizing person around her tells her to manage and endure especially if she is married, the reason being that she has to keep her home. I consider this highly unacceptable because its not written in any marriage certificate that marriage comes with a cheating partner. I am not saying a woman should leave her home in such case, but is she really going to be happy in it? Can things go back to normal? These things really take its toil on women and every lady these days practically  grows up having it at the back of her mind that at some point her man would cheat, which isn’t even right or fair.

Lets look at real life stories we know, remember Toke Makinwa and her husband, although reconciled now, we can see who was hurt the most, the story died down even when the man not only cheated but also got the lady pregnant. What did we do about it, how bad was he mouth-lashed? Not long ago, Tiwa Savage faced it real hard, when Tbillz revealed she had escapades with some named celebrities, even when we were not sure of the facts people started calling her a hoe, a prostitute, a promiscuous woman and all sorts, without addressing the main issue at hand. It always turns out bad for the woman.

My opinion is, if a man says he loves a woman and is in a relationship with her, shouldn’t he do well by living up to it. Relationships require effort, commitment and sacrifice. If there is some fantasy you need to fulfill, please tell it to your wife, perhaps she would cooperate. The other funny thing is that cheating on its own requires effort, it has to be well thought out, constantly hiding phone calls, text messages, covering up with extended working hours, spending a lot of money and what not. If you really feel this new love is worth the stress please call your relationship quits, it shows more respect and if you can’t lose what you have please don’t mess it up. For the married ones, please stay disciplined, its a lot of balls but its worth it especially when what you have means a lot to you.

On the other hand, I think we each have a responsibility to make things right. First as parents, while teaching our girl children the right values, it should also be our priority to instill the right values in our male kids, we need to make them understand that some actions are not acceptable. As a society, lets also stop downsizing the effect cheating has, just like its unheard of for a woman to cheat so it should be for a man.

But for whatever reason cheating has been considered acceptable in this part of the world is still unclear to me. That its a mans world isn’t so good an answer or that they were born that way still doesn’t justify the act. Perhaps you know why, please share.

Thanks for reading.

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Nice one keep it up. Well thought out facts.

Jessica with the goodskin
Jessica with the goodskin

Thanks for this lovely piece. it beats me to think our society accepts such. cheating is wrong and it breaks the innocent party. They constantly ask themselves what they may have done wrong or if they weren’t good enough making them feel insecure.


Very controversial topic! There is however no reasonable answer anyone can give for cheating but trust me before anyone cheats they must have shown some signs, and their partners are always so blind to it. P.s: this argument is not for the perverts.


So true…but the truth remains that cheating is no good either from the man or the woman..and most especially from the man because most women give their 100% so they should be appreciated rather than disrespected.


I agree with Shugar… The signs are always there. So anyone that choose to turn a blind eye to it is his or her loss. However, it takes only grace… That is all we need. Parents and society can do their best, but only grace can make one turn out decent. We’ve all got free will.

Kudos to this article .. .. . U did justice to this subject matter. … Personally, I think it is unfair to the African woman who has to put up with either the husband or boyfriend cheating bcos of the society we live in.. … Don’t get me wrong, I know globally men are cheats, but to a large extent, the African societal values encourages/empowers the men to cheat.. .. I think it is right time something is done about this becos WOMEN have the same feelings like the men too…. . . As for the men, treat WOMEN like… Read more »
Ike Akumabor
Just finished reading the article and I find it interesting. I believe men who cheat on their partners are actually cheating on themselves, so it’s inconsequential whether or not the society frowns at it. At the end of the day there’s always a price to pay for this evil and the price ain’t cheap. According to the Good Book, ” Whoever is evil must go on doing evil, and whoever is filthy must go on being filthy; whoever is good must must go on doing good, and whoever is holy must go on being holy.” “Listen!” says Jesus. “I am… Read more »

Women have a task to keep a constant watch on their men as men are driven by many factors to cheat but nonetheless a marriage can be successful if both partners dont neglect each others needs.

Wonderful article I must say. This is one issue in our society today that an acceptable answer hasn’t been given to. It’s really annoying when you see men who cheat frown or get jealous or angry when it’s rumoured that their partner is cheating. In my mind am like see this one o, so you can get angry, so you can’t take what you are dishing out. They forget that though they may be superior to women in the society but before God we are all equal and adultery is adultery whether committed by a man or a woman. Empathy… Read more »

Nice piece hun…
It shouldn’t be acceptable, what is wrong is wrong.
Keep it up dear.