Will I Ever Heal Again 2?

Ann claimed that my boy Chike had been bewitched by his so called new lover, who by the way was about 5-7 years older than him, uneducated, and defiantly not attractive.

There were so many things wrong with the news I had just gotten but the most important problem was the messenger. Ann has been my very good friend right from the university days and I know her very well. The thing is, she can be very gullible and very skeptical at the same time. She’s got serious trust issue up until she is convinced, but when she believes anything she does so with everything she’s got. She is a plus size chick and works for this huge oil and gas firm where she spends 75% of her working hours on her Facebook account and still receives a fat pay check at the end of each month. What that implied, was that she had series of gold diggers all around her, they came all shapes, sizes and colors. This was what depreciated her trust for men generally.   Long and short, for Ann to come back and say Chike was victimized, meant a great deal to me.

Anyway Ann came back with this ‘super story’ about her escapade with my rival. The lady in question actually runs a canteen on a very busy road near Chike’s house and it has been rumored that she uses charms to lure customers to her canteen as it is usually over crowded. Despite the fact that her canteen was far from decent, people from all walks of life came there daily, most times bringing someone new with them. To think of the fact that I and Chike actually spoke about the success of her business with regards to the rumors flying around the town, we concluded that the success of her business lied in the fact that her location was strategic, (in a very busy street) her price was right, and she actually did know how to cook a variety of food very well.

Now, Ann went to her canteen with a couple of her friends to find out what really went down. After spending a lot of money on food and drinks she was able to get the attention of one of the male waiters and it was easy. She simply tipped him each time she wanted him to get anything.  Anyway she got his number and arraigned for a private meeting in an eatery far away. The boy was so happy that when Ann said “ok see you tomorrow then and until then take very good care of yourself bye” (as about hitting the red button on her phone) she overheard the boy shout “No be God?!!!”. She smiled and hung up the phone. Eventually the guy was the one who revealed to Ann that his employer had used charms to get Chike.

Ok! there you have it, Ann’s version of the story. I thought about it for a bit, and couldn’t find any reason why the boy would lie about something like that. Ann already suggested we go see her pastor and was positive God could use him to break the spell that had been casted on Chike. As for me, I go to church basically because it is considered fashionable for girls in my social circle. Especially for us above 30 and  unmarried, but in all honesty I am not so spiritual. I am the logical and practical type.  I’m not the type to run from pastor to pastor. I didn’t even believe in all their stories. I honestly wish I could forget Chike and move on with my life. I wasn’t cut out for all this BS. To put quite simply, I couldn’t. 😢.

A few hours later, I got a message from my friend on WhatsApp. She used to be a very close friend of ours before she got married and had to move on to another state.  She sympathized with me so I told her everything that was going on and exactly how I felt. She asked me if I had spoken with Chike to find out what the problem was.  She advised I at least open up a communication channel to find out what the problem was. She stressed that it was important I knew what I did wrong. She was right.  I always believed that any problem in a relationship could easily be solved if one of the guilty parties decides to self-correct (as both parties are usually guilty if you know what I mean).

She also stressed on the fact that the simple solutions are usually the game changers in relationship matters. I decided to do just that. I had made up my mind to physically and practically fix the problem (even though I had no clue what the problem was.) I stripped myself off any thoughts of charms or love portions and decided I had already mentally solved that which tore us apart. I already felt the fulfillment in my heart and temporarily became happy again.  Little did I know that I was in for a big surprise.

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